Sao Paulo International Marathon08/04/2022

Sunday - 10th of April

This Sunday, April 10, the 26th edition of the São Paulo International Marathon takes place, which will take thousands of runners to the streets of São Paulo. The starts take place on Avenida Pedro Álvares Cabral, in the vicinity of Ibirapuera Park, also the point of arrival. The waves start at 6:10 am, time for the wheelchair users to start on Avenida Pedro Álvares Cabral; the fifth and final one, for the 5 km athletes, is scheduled for 6:30 am on April 10, 2022.

Come honor the sport and enjoy another outdoor event on the streets of the city. Stay with us, Paulista Flat is close to Ibirapuera Park!

Sao Paulo International Marathon

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